Improving school choice through better automation of application submission, lotteries, & enrollment management.

Novus Choice is a web-based data platform designed to reduce school choice challenges faced by magnet, charter and other schools when collecting applications, conducting school lotteries, managing waitlists, and integrating with other enrollment functions.

The system’s design was heavily influenced by educators and school administrators who deeply understand application collection and lottery processes and know what makes a positive enrollment experience.

Streamlined lottery process from application to registration.

Novus Choice is a highly flexible, secure data platform designed to automate and simplify the collection, processing, analysis, and reporting of data.

  • Collect, process, report & visualize data in almost any way
  • Highly configurable design allows for a school-branded, “customized” look and feel
  • No-code/low-code data platform offers self-serviceability without the need for technical expertise
  • Take full control of the experience you want parents and system administrators to have

Student enrollment
with a human touch.

Tired of vendors whose support quality continues to worsen? At Novus Choice, get direct access to a highly responsive customer care team of people who built the platform and know student enrollment, inside and out.

  • Direct access to the core team that created Novus Choice 10 years ago
  • Personalized Support is a central tenet and hallmark of Novus Choice since day one
  • Same-day response to almost all tickets submitted
  • Primary Novus customer care team located in East Hartford, CT

Self-Serviceable, simple to use and administer.

Become less reliant on vendors. Schools want and need more self-serviceability and ease of use. The system is designed for exactly that.

  • Avoid having to depend on tech vendors just to administer and manage your important data day to day
  • Build and modify simple to sophisticated forms with no technical skills required
  • Easily create automated workflows to link collected student data to other enrollment processes
  • Generate virtually any type of ad hoc report with ease, and then visualize it in a number of ways

Every user action
taken is logged.

A completely transparent and fully auditable system. All log data is backed up continuously and archived indefinitely.

  • Hosted in Amazon Web Services Cloud
  • Physical and database security provided by AWS
  • Production data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Data backed up every 5 minutes and stored separately from production data
  • SOC 2 certification for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy

Create ad hoc reports with ease.

Any user can generate an unlimited number of ad hoc reports and dashboards, plus connect to many visualization options without leaving the reports area.

  • Create an unlimited number of ad hoc reports & dashboards, easily and without limits
  • Powerful searching, sorting, filtering, and exporting functionality
  • Connect to many visualization options without leaving the reporting grid
  • Generate reports using natural language queries
  • Integrated with Tableau and Power BI 


Feature rich & low code—the best of both worlds.


Build and modify simple to sophisticated forms with no technical skills required.
Escape from over-dependency on vendors to manage your system day-to-day.

Form Management

Sophisticated design features, extremely flexible, unlimited formatting options. Support for 25+ form field types.

Easy Reporting

Easily create an unlimited number of ad hoc reports and dashboards. Powerful searching, sorting, filtering, and exporting functionality.

Communications Enabled

Highly flexible notification and alerting capabilities. Trigger email or texts based on any event occurring.

Low Code & Customizable

A highly configurable, no code/low code data platform. Produces custom software-like user experience.

Data Visualization

Easily create an unlimited number of individualized dashboards and ad hoc reports. Share links to report views with anyone inside or outside the organization.

Full Integration

Our platform is designed to ease integration with third party data sources. Even develop integrations in the absence of an available API.

Customer Service

Direct access to the Novus development team that built the system. Same-day response in almost all cases.

Finally, data software & experts in one package.

Unlike many tech vendors that focus on selling software and not much else, we offer a solution that combines a customizable data platform with enrollment data experts to ensure you get exactly what you want from the software.

1. Platform Fee


  • Single or Multiple School Support
    Automate enrollment at a single location
    or across an entire district.
  • ​Administrator Support
    Full support for one or many school administrators.
  • Multiple Application Types & Workflows
    Ability to support highly complex use cases.
  • Team Training Hours Included
    Team training and support from school enrollment experts.

Starting at

$500 / month*

2. Dedicated Data Experts


  • Needs Assessment
    Thorough assessment of enrollment data needs & improvements.
  • Process Analysis
    Analysis of enrollment-related processes & workflows.
  • Design & Configuration
    Customized platform design & configuration based on your requirements.
  • Deployment & Success
    Solution deployment resulting in your satisfaction.

Starting at


*Invoiced monthly or annually under a one-year contract. Additional cost is incurred as customization requirements and complexity of your program increases, i.e. integration work. Prices subject to change without notice.

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